Jamia Ashraful Uloom Rasheedi Gangoh

All the philanthropists are earnestly requested to come forward and think of the values of Islamic way of life. Consequently, they are requested to assist and help this institution in all possible manners. Thus, they will be entitled to get blessings from all the Muslims and in this way they will be awarded by Allah not only this world but on the Day of Judgment as well. We pray to Allah that keep in mind the I lesson given to us by the Holy Quran. The Holy Books says: All that you have will be spent up. Of course, it is not the case which Allah has. All those things kept by Allah, will remain for ever. Property of any type which Allah ha will never by lose, destroyed, ruined or spent up. Many authentic Islamic personalities have visited this institution off and on. They have offered their prayers for this institution. They were kind enough and they have offered their prayers and helped this institution in different ways. Some of the names of such personalities are as follows: Kandhla, a small town but the spiritual place comes under Dust. Muzaffarngar in West Uttar Pradesh. It is a well known place for those Ulemas and clerics who have rendered world wide services of Islam. They have made grand services for the preaching and propagation of Islam. Kandhla has credited for leading the way of Tableegh

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